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Definition: A Japanese way of running a company by always trying to improve the way people work and what they do.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, especially for the owners of the company.

2. Employees are constantly engaged with, in order to win them over. That is, a labour union will be vibrant and cooperates with managers.

3. Valid observations or reasonable demands that will be made by the workers and customers will be promptly attended to by the management.

4. A reward and punishment system will be in place at all times.

5. Management shows the way in efficiency and/or purposefulness. That is, the managers will not be wasteful, embezzlers, corrupt, etc.

6. Financial gains of the company, if any, will be shared with or extended to workers, be this by profit-sharing or pay rise or bonuses.

7. Constant reviews and redeployment will be taking place. That is, schedule of duties and appointments will not be static or permanent.

8. Dealings engaged in will not be unethical or by underhand methods.

9. The workers reflect learning through increased productivity and loyalty to the organization. That is, the way achieves objective(s).

See perfect JOB SECURITY (1).

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