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Definition: A time of having fun; a party.

* All eight elements would be in.

* This is about the (a) time/period.

1. Purposeful and necessary - short or average or long.

2. Realistic for the nature of fun being had - night and/or day.

3. Work, if any, that needed to be done before time, had been finished - early or late.

4. Commences at the right period - whatever the weather conditions.

5. Available and had fully. That is, not interfered or cut short by some other person or thing - official or unofficial.

6. Lasts or continues for period desired - whatever time zone(s) is/are involved.

7. Adequate or enough for the activity providing fun to be engaged in from beginning to end - serious (enjoyable) or unserious (annoying).

8. Serves purpose(s): fun-filled - whichever or wherever.


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