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Introduction (3)

Definition: [ ~ (to somebody) ] The act of making one person formally known to another, in which you tell each the other's name.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and considered necessary.

2. Persons being introduced do not previously know each other's names, while pretending not to. (To emphasize.)

3. No absent-mindedness on the part of person doing the intro. That is, no forgetfulness of either person's name and no long pause, midway, before conclusion of the act.

4. No use of aliases, assumed name, or pen-name, pet name, etc. (connect to #3 & #5).

5. Nothing apart from their name(s) is mentioned (see definition).

6. There is a 'sameness' in the name 'exchange order' - titles (if any) and/or first and/or middle and/or last/family/surname.

7. No 'disorder' in doing introduction. The junior or person of lower status is introduced first to the 'boss'. Or, a later arrival is introduced first to the person who arrived earlier. Or ... .

8. No negative development arises from the introduction. That is, no case of a brawl or fisticuffs, etc. as a result of knowing the other's name. That is, act is conducted in pleasant circumstances.

9. Act serves purpose(s) or achieves objective(s).

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