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Definition: (law) The state or situation of not having made a Will (= a legal document that says what is to happen to a person's property when they die).

* All five elements would be in.

1. Purposeful, and considered very necessary by the person who will die intestate. That is, there is an ability to write a Will, if this is so wished.

2. (Reserved.) (It is deliberately decided to not write a Will, whatever the end result that is expected or hoped for! And there will be no possibility of the legal system getting involved in sorting out the mess that could arise!!) (To emphasize, connect to #1.)

3. Beneficiary or beneficiaries have agreed with property owner on what is to happen to assets on his or her passing. Or 'design' is to let heirs, offspring(s), etc. fight to the death over houses, land, bank balances, numbered account(s), etc., etc. !

4. No 'problem' will arise, in the opinion of the deceased (= owner!) for or from heirs, relatives, colleagues, etc. after his or her death - even though this can only be confirmed after interment !

5. State will achieve objective(s), after death of property owner - whether they live in unity (= remain in peace) or kill themselves over worldly goods (= ripped into pieces).

See perfect TESTACY.

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