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Aunt sally (2)

Definition: A person or thing that a lot of people criticize.

* Any, some or all situations below the line could be responsible.

1. Purposeful even if this is not understood by 'Aunt'.

2. Necessary to criticize person or thing for the general good.

3. Criticisms are specific and identifiable.

4. Objections are made timely (connect to #1 above the line).

See perfect DISLIKE (1).
Below the Line
1. Person or thing is involved in an illegality and/or immorality.

2. Effect of person or thing is especially destructive to the critics and/or the society or general environment.

3. Person or thing by its actions (or inaction) is made to be deliberately confusing and/or not understandable.

4. Activities of person or thing are unacceptable to critics.

5. Critics are prejudiced, biased, hateful, etc.

6. Explanation offered by person or thing is not accepted (or not fully understood) by critics (connect #4 & #5).

7. Person or thing is not in a position to defend stance.

See perfect UNDERBELLY (1).

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