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Instruction (1)

Definition: (usually - instructions) [ ~ (on how to do something) ] Detailed information on how to do something.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and considered a necessity.

2. Legible and clearly written and/or typed.

3. Accurate and correct to the minutest feature, in respect of time or timing, duration or period, mixture or mix, combination, etc. as applicable. And is understandable, even if not understood !

4. Steps and/or stages in process or procedure are complete.

5. Written or typed in a familiar or known and simple language(s).

6. Tested and confirmed as fool-proof. That is, all the things the directives or directions require to be done are doable.

* Always sounds simple.

* Like easy to follow !

See perfect ILLITERACY (1).

See perfect PLAYBOOK (2).

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