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Auditorium (1)

Definition: The part of a theatre, concert hall, etc, in which the audience sits.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary (to emphasize, see definition).


2. Well-constructed. That is, built professionally.

a. Not built on a 'fault line'!

b. Solid structure(s).

c. Comfortable for the audience - seats, seating arrangement, interior, airiness, spaciousness, etc.

d. Well-lit and/or shaded, whenever necessary. That is, bright, dim or dark exterior and interior, as needed.

e. With smoke and fire alarms, etc.

f. With retractable roof(s), where possible.




See perfect LECTURE HALL.
Below the Line
3. Well-run or managed. That is, managers and personnel are adequately trained.

4. Protected, safe and secured.

5. Clean, neat and tidy at all times (connect to #3).

See perfect DARKNESS (1).

further below the line

6. Well-located: not too far from town and not in an area where it is not serviceable by the social infrastructures.

7. Spacious enough for audience, that is, of the appropriate size for the expected number of patrons at any one time (connect to #3).

See perfect MEXICAN WAVE.

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