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Informant (1)

Definition: A person who gives secret information about somebody/something to the police or a newspaper.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Has a purpose and considers role a necessity.

2. Never suspected by others as an informer; seemingly innocuous.

3. Information provided is truly secret and relevant; reliable.

4. Information is delivered timely to police or newspaper house.

5. Gets something in return for efforts - reward, protection, private commendation, cash, etc., etc.

6. (Reserved.) (Never admits status or role, if asked by others.)

7. Suffers no unplanned loss in the course of information delivery. And does not put self, family, etc. at risk.

8. Achieves objective(s).

9. Not a 'double agent' - supplying same information to other police forces and/or multiple newspaper houses.

See perfect NEIGHBOUR (1).

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