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Definition: [ ~ (with/for somebody/something) ] Very strong feelings of love or attraction for somebody/something, especially when these are unreasonable and do not last long.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for the besotted.

2. Time-consuming. That is, great concentration, focus, devotion, etc. is directed at person/thing.

3. Warning, caution, sign, etc. will be given or seen, but this will go unheeded or will be disregarded by the infatuated.

4. A serious loss will not be sustained in the end from extremity of desire or want, even though crazy things may be done during the period by 'dreamer' (to emphasize, connect to #2).

5. Feelings will not be appreciated or reciprocated by the subject or object of desire of love or attraction, as no real physical contact or connection takes or will take place.

6. (Reserved.) (Very strong feelings will be wished to last longer, with the hope or belief that success will be achieved, in the end, with some 'perseverance') (Connect to #5 & #7.)

7. Would be outgrown, on its futility being realized. That is, 'lost feelings' will leave no sour taste in the mouth. And an admission or confession can therefore be made in the future, by who 'loved'.

See perfect PUPPY LOVE/See perfect TRUE LOVE/See perfect PASSING (1).

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