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Infallibility (1)

Definition: The quality of being never wrong; never making mistakes.

* All five elements would be in.

1. All the 'questions' are asked and 'answered' correctly. And/or every possible situation, scenario or condition has been or would be fully experienced.

2. All possible tests and challenges occurred and were faced successfully. And/or no situation arose or arises, whereby an option or options was/were provided from which an easy choice was/is picked.

3. Quality is not based on a guess, trial and error, estimation, etc. That is, correct answers and right actions will be provided or taken at the first attempts only.

4. Product of quality, that is, the answers and actions, can be thoroughly, independently and convincingly explained or defended, without a need to offer an apology or excuse.

5. (Reserved) (Possessor of quality never runs away from any situation, even if a dare is not participated in.) (Connect to #2.)

Like inflexibility, dangerous.

See perfect KNOW-IT-ALL.

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