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Definition: The quality of being incontrovertible (not subject to denial or doubt).

* All six elements would be in.

1. A faculty or sense can't be prevented from reacting or responding appropriately.

2. Presence, accessibility, reach, etc. will be guaranteed at the point in time.

3. No proof or evidence that can contradict the fact or reality will be possible.

4. State will remain for all time. That is, determinants won't change or be altered.

5. An outcome or result, fallout or after-effect, etc. will always be predictable.

6. Time and resources aren't wasted on debating veracity of origin, nature, process, etc.

FIXED ... whether or not accompanied with a pretense &
dramatization, be matter the truth or some falsehood, OR
irrespective of any self-deception or self-delusion .. CERTAIN.

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