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Impracticability (1)

Definition: The state or condition of being or making impossible or difficult to do or use; being not practicable in a particular situation.

* All six elements would be in.

1. All options have been explored and repeated attempts made to achieve aim - even though these all turn out unsuccessful.

2. All required or requested support, assistance, etc. needed are available - whether used rightly or wrongly.

3. A desire or wish to do thing successfully or for thing to be practicable exists - for good or evil consideration.

4. Loss, disadvantage, etc. is a certain outcome, in the event that thing is not done successfully or is not easily done - however long situation lasts.

5. No law, rule or regulation can be exploited, circumvented or manipulated to make particular thing possible or easy - whether it results in a gain or loss.

6. Difficulty can only be overcome at a great price that will make victory Pyrrhic - whether or not the result or outcome of action or inaction is life-changing, life-threatening or life-saving.


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