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Definition: [ the ~ (of something) ] (formal) The meaning of something, especially when it is not immediately clear.

* All five elements would be in.

1. It is believed that thing has been fully studied, examined, etc., and even though there is a capacity to grasp its meaning, it ends up being only partially understood.

2. Appreciation attained is not clearly misleading, even if a (the) 'confusion' is not leading anywhere.

3. Decision, if any, that may be taken on the basis of the understanding of thing, will be tentative and cautious, even if it does not seem curious.

4. Thing will still be undergoing some further study, research, experimentation, analysis, etc. to try to get a better appreciation of its meaning.

5. Maximum benefit or usefulness cannot be obtained from the information (= meaning) available or deduced.


See perfect FUZZINESS (1).

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