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Immune system


i. The system in your body that produces substances to help it fight against infection and disease.

ii. Your immune system consists of all the organs and processes in your body which protect you from illness and infection.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to have preventive system in place.

2. The organs and processes are protected and guaranteed to work.

3. Can be revitalized/reformed to be more effective/efficient.

4. Has the required vital resistance to a drug, vaccine, risk, etc.

5. The component systems - limbic, nervous, digestive, etc. - in the body, are in place, all complete and functioning satisfactorily.

6. Organs and processes will be consistently protected, not exposed to threats or dangers, especially when the body is being operated on.

7. Permanently at work and on - no glitch, malfunction, failure, etc.

8. System serves purpose(s), exactly as designed or programmed for.

9. (Reserved.) (Organs will be natural, processes fit-for-purpose.)


Quote: "It's a health factor, yes - a boost for your immune system. You need to be around those who really get you, to laugh, talk unguardedly about your problems, and listen deeply. You need hugs and smiles and belly laughs. You need to be able to be your true self. If you're lucky, this stuff is built into your day. But even if it requires an effort, make it happen. Don't assume e-mail or facebook or even the phone is going to do - physical, as well as emotional, closeness is a big deal". - Culled from "The New Health Rules".

Quote: "Kick off your shoes and walk on grass, earth, or sand whenever you have the chance. Not only will this boost your immune system by exposing you to unfamiliar microbes, but it will also give you a little charge-literally. Believe it or not, just as we get vitamin D from the sun and oxygen from the air, we get electrons from the earth, which have calming and healing benefits for the whole body". - Culled from "The New Health Rules".

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