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Attention deficit disorder

Definition: (abbreviation: ADD) A medical condition, especially in children, that makes it difficult for them to pay attention to what they are doing, to stay still for long and to learn things.

* All 5 elements are in.

* See perfect AUTISM.

1. Sufferer is really still a child. That is, the age is within that which can still be considered as the childhood years (see definition).

2. Children do not exhibit other negative tendencies, such as excessive tantrums, use of abusive language, physical violence, etc., during this period.

See perfect BABYHOOD.
Below the Line
1. Children cannot be appeased while experiencing this disorder.

See perfect SOP.

further below the line

1. Disorder does not extend beyond the years of childhood (to emphasize, connect #1).

2. Disorder is treatable (connect to #1 further below the line).


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