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Icing (1)

Definition: (especially British English) A sweet mixture of sugar and water, milk, butter or egg white that is used to cover and decorate cakes.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for mixture to be put on cake.

2. Quality of its ingredients is of the highest standard.

3. Quantity is of the appropriate level. That is, layer is not too thin, but fairly thick to be able to provide adequate cover. (Connect to #4 & #7.)

4. Prepared and put on or over, at the right time; 'fresh', long after cake is baked and ready.

5. Colour choice or combination of colours is/are appropriate and fitting for the occasion, event, etc. And colour(s) enhances the beauty of cake (decoration).

6. Put on all parts/sides of cake, less the base, to provide adequate and required protection (cover).

7. Stays solid in place, complete without a crack, hole, etc. for period required.

8. Serves purpose(s), whatever this/these is/are.

EDIBLE ..., at least for the kids !

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