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Ice cream

Definition: A type of sweet frozen food made from milk fat, flavoured with fruit, chocolate, etc. and often eaten as a dessert; a small amount of this food intended for one person, often served in a container made of biscuit that is shaped like a cone.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful, even if thought unnecessary, as food or dessert, by some other(s).

2. Ingredients with which made are very fresh (new), correct (rich) and complete (full). That is, food is considered as healthy for eater.

3. Its frozen level is appropriate for holding and licking/biting or keeping refrigerated.

YUM. (vanilla or butterscotch)

4. The preparation or production was hygienically done, in line with best practices or industry standards.

5. Container or cone is made of the right material(s), whether it is edible or not.

6. 'Taste' is 'natural' or as expected. That is, its flavour turns out as exactly hoped for.

SO YUMMY ... (honey or banana or coconut)

7. Quantity possessed will be adequate (see definition).

8. Provided and/or had at the time needed, required or requested.

9. Serves purpose(s), without a loss to eater.

YUM-YUM (strawberry or lemon or pistachio or peppermint or oyster or ... 'Baby Gaga'!)

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