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Definition: (medicine) Excessive (often pathological) preoccupation with real or fancied ailments.

* All nine elements would be in.

* This is concerning the actual !

1. Believed purposeful and necessary by worrywart.

2. Constant examination and/or checks will be made.

3. Reading and researching into ailment are regular.

4. Typically, worry and worrying accompanies feeling.

5. Nothing will be done to worsen unhealthy condition.

6. Consultations, referral, admission and readmission, operation, etc., as applicable, will take place as necessary.

7. Focus or attention will continue until a cure is found, or some miracle occurs, or death resolves the situation.

8. Cost of obsession will be bearable. That is, no debt is incurred as a direct consequence of action resulting from state.

9. (Reserved.) (The person suffering from 'sickness' would have actually contracted the diseases concerned.) (Connect to #8.)


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