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Definition: The doing of something very fast and in a confused manner.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and considered a necessity by doer.

2. Time won't be available to be slow and to plan.

3. No caution about hurrying and/or thoughtlessness.

4. Expectation will be for success (to emphasize).

5. Strength/expenses used will be additional/extra.

6. What is being done will be completed or concluded.

7. What it achieves would be less than the desire.

8. Loss that occurs in situation will be affordable.

9. A lesson would be learned therein or thereafter.

Will it end up badly ? [ See perfect ADEPT.]

Any understanding ? [See perfect SORRY.]

Quote: "A fool's haste is no speed". - African proverb.

Quote: "Nothing happens until something moves". - Albert Einstein.

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