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Atonement (2)

Definition: (in Christian theology) Christ's incarnation and death on the cross, which made up for the original sin of Adam and Eve, and enabled man to be at one with God again.

* All six are in.

1. Purposeful and absolutely necessary for Almighty God to redeem man.

2. Taught all he came in contact with, how to pray, relate, forgive, etc.


3. Earned victory over Satan (= the Devil) and the forces of darkness.

4. Lived a sinless life for all of those (his) thirty three earthly years.


5. Leads a faithful or born-again to a 'warpath' (Worship. Adoration. Respect. Praise. Atonement. Thanksgiving. Honour.)

6. Achieves goal(s) or serves purpose(s), but only for those who will have access to the (my) Father's Kingdom (makes heaven).


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