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Hostess (2)

Definition: A woman who is employed to welcome and entertain men at a nightclub.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Considered a necessity to have woman perform roles.

2. Can communicate appropriately and effectively - will always give a warm welcome with a genuine smile.

3. Clean, neat, tidy and well-dressed, with a high sense of personal hygiene. That is, no sweaty armpits, halitosis, body odour, etc., etc.

4. Provides the right type of entertainment, ... but only as stipulated in the rules of the club.

5. Courteous and very well-behaved. That is, her actions will not turn off the club's patrons. In other words, woman will not have mannerisms that will be considered as bad.

6. Never does anything unauthorized, on duty, whatever the temptation by a/the rich or loaded, handsome or good looking, sexy or well hung man/men!

7. Healthy and fit, all through the evening, and/or all-night long.

8. (Reserved.) (She's a beauty to behold. Men prefer 'goodlookers'!)

See perfect LOVELY.

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