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Horse racing

Definition: A sport in which horses with riders race against each other.

* All ten elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, at least for the organizers/riders/fans.

2. Competition or race is approved and authorized. That is, selected racecourse, rules, etc. are endorsed by the regulatory bodies.

3. The line-up of animals and persons to compete will be complete.

4. Horses are healthy and none would have been given illegal drugs.

5. Riders are fit and have trained with the animals to be ridden.

6. Rules and regulations guiding competition will be complied with.

7. All the riders and animals complete the race (to emphasize).

8. Equipment and fences are not seriously damaged or destroyed in the process of jumps, etc. by the animals.

9. Prizes that will be worn will be 'shared' with the animals. That is, horses will be better looked after, on completion of race.

10. (Reserved.) (None of the riders will be involved in a bet or betting on the outcome of race.) (To emphasize.)

... whatever names the horses bear.

... whichever, the emperors' sport.

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