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Hermaphrodite (1)

Definition: A person, an animal or a flower that has both male and female sexual organs or characteristics.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Person does not suffer from self-denial. And is therefore not greatly uncomfortable in the state.

2. None of the sexes has an upper hand in the person, animal or flower. That is, 'it' will be neither more male than female nor more female than male.

3. Won't mind an operation, a process or procedure, transplant, etc. that will change, amend or correct abnormality.

4. A loss will be suffered as a result of freak nature.

5. Person will never publicly or openly declare curious sexuality. And will not be truly proud of duality.

6. Person will dress and behave, or animal will act, consistently, as the preferred sex - either as a he or a she.


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