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Assisted suicide

Definition: The act of a person killing himself/herself with the help of somebody such as a doctor, especially because he/she is suffering from a disease that has co cure.

* All ten elements would be in.

1. Purposeful, even if only he or she knows/knew !

2. Person has reached the 'end of tether'. That is, efforts have been made to avoid being in situation that leads or led to this sorry pass. In other words, dying for this person, at the instant time, is considered necessary (connect to #1).

3. Specifically requested in writing or if verbal, with some adult witnesses present.

4. Act or action is not illegal where done.

See perfect GONER.
Below the Line
5. Death is painless. That is, helper will choose 'tolerable' method(s) or procedures in killing deceased.

6. Death is quick. That is, the act or action taken to end life happens only once and lasts a very short duration. (Connect to #5.)

See perfect FREEDOM (1).

further below the line

7. Assistant does not regret act after the death of person helped.

8. Helper is not prosecuted afterwards (connect to #4 & #7).

See perfect ASSISTANCE (2).

much further below the line

9. The basis is truly solid. That is, if a disease, there is/was really no cure for it. And for something else, no escape or 'solution'.

10. Death does not result to bigger problem(s) for those directly connected with the killing - doctor, witnesses, family, estate, etc. of the deceased (to emphasize).

See perfect INTESTACY.

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