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Hairiness (2)

Definition: (informal) The quality of being dangerous or frightening but often exciting.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. There will be some expectation, not a predictability, of the conditions that give rise to feeling of danger or fright.

2. Some anticipation of the hope to cope with a 'surprise' exists.

3. Warnings, cautions, etc. would be given or seen during the period.

4. 'Escape' from 'hell', will always seemingly be by a hair's breadth.

5. No discouragement or disappointment at the time, will cause the thing or an adventure to be left unfinished or uncompleted.

6. 'Confidence' displayed will not be 'convincing' for an onlooker.

7. No panic button or 'SOS' will ever be pressed or sent in the situation. And no rescue or salvage will occur while in the state.

8. Condition will last for a period considered safe and reasonable.

9. Experience can be happily had again, until the luck runs out.

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