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Gymnasium (1)

Definition: (formal) A room or hall with equipment for doing physical exercise, for example in a school.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary. [See perfect FITNESS (1).]

2. 'Purpose-built'. That is, facilities, arrangement of equipment, etc. in room, are all in proper order. [See perfect PLACEMENT (3).]

3. Equipment are the right, modern ones, functional and complete in numbers or quantity. [See perfect EQUIPMENT (2).]

4. Room and equipment are clean, neat and tidy. And place is constantly, well-maintained, whether the room and equipment are new or renovated. (See perfect CLEANLINESS.)

5. Room is safe, protected and secured, especially from unauthorized access. (See perfect PEEPING TOM.)

6. Large enough for the number of intended users. And not used for non-sporting activities. (See perfect SPACIOUSNESS.)

7. Has rules and regulations for use of equipment, opening times, etc. That is, management of gym is excellent. [See perfect ORDER (3).]

8. Serves purpose(s). (See perfect CONSTITUTIONAL.)

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