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Gutter press


i. (usually - the gutter press) (disapproving) Newspapers that print a lot of shocking stories about people's private lives rather than serious news.

ii. (British) (disapproving) You refer to newspapers and magazines which print mainly stories about sex and crime as the gutter press.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, for the publisher's and reader's.

2. Stories will not be untruths or falsehoods. Pictures, if any, will not be sexed-up or manipulated using computer graphics.

3. Will have a competent legal department or some good retainer(s), in case of a law suit claiming libellous or defamatory publication.

4. Masthead will be on publication(s). And articles, or pictures, will not have pen-names or pseudonyms or be from 'anonymous' origins.

5. Readership will be truly shocked by whatever is read, and this will not be 'stale' news, repeats, or unsubstantiated reports.

6. Serves purpose(s), especially for the 'jobless' readers or seemingly unserious readership.



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