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Guard (3)

Definition: The act or duty of protecting property, places or people from attack or danger; the act or duty of preventing prisoners from escaping.

* All twelve elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (see definition).

2. Considered a necessity by law, responsibility, etc.

3. Authorized and/or approved appropriately.

4. The right person/personnel or tool(s) to use against expected danger or attack or escape are provided and deployed accordingly.

5. Property, place, etc. is not far off or out of sight at any time. That is, the people, prisoners, etc. are within reach or near enough for equipment or human coverage to be effective.

6. The authority or basis, on which an action - grip, command, etc. - is taken, can be enforced.

7. Force, strength, etc. used is adequate, does not cause a damage or destruction to property, persons or prisoners - not inappropriate or excessive force.

8. Commences timely and lasts for the duration required.

9. No unplanned loss or damage is suffered by the guard or equipment that is used to secure protection or safety.

10. No illegality is employed to achieve goal(s). (Connect to #7.)

11. No brief moment of an absence of mind or forgetfulness or malfunction, even if property, people or prisoners are not threatened as a result. That is, the alertness of guard(s) and effectiveness of tool(s), etc. is guaranteed.

12. Act or duty, well performed, achieves objective(s).


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