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Greeting (3)

Definition: Something that you say or do to say hello to somebody or to welcome them.

Bye. Hug. See ya. So long. Hello. Hi. Handshake. Smile. Ciao. Goodbye. Yo. Tara. Bon voyage. Bye-bye. Au revoir. Wave. Genuflect. Bow. Kneel.

* All eight elements above the line should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Happily or joyfully given (or some it seems). That is, not with a frown.

3. Natural (not 'plastic' as in a British smile).

4. Without hate, envy, bias, anger, distrust, evil intention or negative thought in the mind of the one giving, towards the one it is directed to.

5. Where, if there is or was a need for a sorry, it (sorry) is or was said immediately before or during or after.

6. Timely, to able to fulfill the purpose(s).

7. Directly to the intended recipient, not through a proxy or third party.

8. In appropriate form, style, format or kind.

See perfect CHUMMINESS.
Below the Line
1. Meant sincerely (to reemphasize).

2. Acknowledged (not necessarily reciprocated).

See perfect WOLF WHISTLE.

See perfect GREETING (4).

See perfect GREETING (2).

See perfect GREETING (1).

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