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Grave (5)

Definition: (rhetorical) Any place that receives the dead.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to designate place as receiving the dead, whether place is as desired by deceased (if applicable).

2. Unknown, for certain, when alive.

3. Won't be easily accessible, to the living, for an attempt at some relocation to be made or for a bodysnatcher to take corpse.

4. Thought able to provide a 'rest'.

5. Not measurable and/or assessable. That is, the particular place will take all the persons that will be brought for burial there.

6. Nature won't disturb the place.

7. Has ownership and/or there will be some form of control had or that can be exercised over the land, or ocean, or space in sky.

8. Serves purpose(s), for the dead.

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