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Definition: (North American English) The activity of checking and correcting the written work or exam papers of students.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Checker is educated and knowledgeable enough. That is, examiner understands the question(s) and the written answer(s) adequately, with or without a marking scheme.

3. Person performing activity is in the right frame of mind and does work without bias or malice.

4. Thorough and complete. That is, check is detailed and the correction(s) made is/are not wrong. (And where scored, the point(s) or zero scored, is what is earned or deserved.)

5. Completed timely and submitted promptly.

6. Will not require a second checker to cross-check what has been checked and corrected. (Or second checker, if any, will not award a mark that is significantly different or discover major difference(s) in errors.)

7. Activity serves purpose(s).


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