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Grab (1)
GRAB (1)

Definition: [ ~ (at/for somebody/something) ] A sudden attempt to take or hold somebody/something.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and considered necessary.

2. The person/thing can be seen. That is, person or animal making attempt is not blindfolded or blind.

3. Act or action will not be considered as illegal.

4. Person or thing desired to be taken or held is ordinarily safe to have or hold.

5. Person or thing is not just waiting to be had or held - not a 'sitting duck' - whether a resistance is put up or not.

6. No injury or damage or unplanned loss is suffered while trying to have or hold person or thing.

7. Attempt is made only once. That is, time taken in making effort is considered minimal (to emphasize, connect to #8).

8. Attempt succeeds and person or thing had or held will have no chance of escape or cannot slip out of the hand.

See perfect SMASH-AND-GRAB.

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