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Goat (2)
GOAT (2)

Definition: [ old ~ ] (informal) An unpleasant old man who is annoying in a sexual way; (popular) a lecher.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Who is regarded as an unpleasant old man is not the spouse or lawful partner (can never be!). And he's not a relative! (See perfect FINK.)

2. Very neat, clean and hygienic, and for his age, so good-looking and probably well hung to boot (yet 'repulsive'). (See perfect ANNOYANCE (1).)

3. Sexual demands or preferences are considered too extreme and oldie will be very insistent, his ways unsafe and careless or carefree, and his 'performance' is, or will be, 'below par' (but old dude is 'inviting' otherwise). (See perfect GOLD-DIGGER.)

4. 'Ancient' will be unwilling to have, change or adapt to, a better attitude, reluctant to teach or learn an improved behaviour, etc.! (clumsy, boring, selfish etc.). (See perfect BUMPER-TO-BUMPER.)

5. Presence, nearness or closeness to 'papa', will somehow cause a dissatisfaction or be generally choking and his actions will be somewhat 'OTT' - over-the-top! (yet oldie is unavoidable). (See FOOTSIE (2).)

6. Fulfils all obligations, especially those that have a direct link to his amorous or sexual 'demands'. That is, old bat will keep all pre and post-romance/heavy petting, and/or all pre-shag promises (can still be publicly denied afterwards!) (See perfect SAVING GRACE.)

GET OFF !! (... uttered faintly, if afraid.) OR (... uttered loudly, if brave).

(BUT THANKS FOR THE 'ADVICE' - cash - or 'INFORMATION' - money.)

See perfect DIRTY OLD MAN.

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