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Definition: (British English) (especially in sports) A person or team that defeats another much stronger opponent.

* All six elements should be in.

1. 'Giant' is not deliberately put at a disadvantage. That is, fight takes place on a level-playing field. In other words, officials and rules are fair and equipment are not manipulated.

2. No illegality or trickery was adopted to attain victory, whether this is discovered or not, in the future.

3. Victory is not deemed Pyrrhic in the end. That is, cost of win is considered reasonable; will not lead to a serious burnout and/or the eventual destruction or death of winner.

4. (Reserved.) (Winning margin is not so excessive, such that a doubt is raised about the 'greatness' of loser).

5. Winner should be gallant and charitable in victory: benevolent, modest, humble, generous, etc.! - even if the vanquished is neither magnanimous nor graceful.

6. 'Killer' was not given a chance in hell to win (to emphasize).

See perfect ROUT.

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