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Arrest (1)

Definition: The act of arresting somebody.

* All twelve or thirteen elements, as applicable, would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Effected by the appropriate authority.

3. There is a basis or justification, even if acceptable only in the opinion of arresting party - allegation, accusation, ... or conclusive evidence - not necessarily in the opinion of an accused.

See perfect SUSPICION (1).
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4. Legal. That is, 'capture' is right in the eye of the law. In other words, correct authorization, documentation, etc., is used as instrument of authority (connect to #2).

5. Method of arrest is the appropriate or legally permitted one - a command or order, grip or capture, etc., as applicable (connect to #4).

6. Rights, if any, are read to the arrested person immediately on being held.

7. Hold is for the appropriate duration. That is, arrested person is arraigned in court quickly or freed on time.

See perfect AIR MARSHAL (2).

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8. Person held is the right one, not someone held as a result of a mistaken identity or misinformation (connect to #3 & #5).

9. Arrested person is not injured during process of arrest or while being held (to emphasize, connect to #5 & #8).

10. No injury to the arresting party (connect to #8 & #9).

11. Arrest takes place at the right place (connect to #4).


much further below the line

12. Possibility of an escape or getaway is non-existent.

13. Purpose(s) of arrest is/are achieved.

See perfect ORDERLINESS (1).

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