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Gear (1)
GEAR (1)

Definition: Machinery in a vehicle that turns engine power (or power on a bicycle) into movement forwards or backwards.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (connect to #2).

2. Considered a necessity to have machinery (to emphasize).

3. Quality is as desired. That is, machinery is of required design.

4. Serviceable and/or functional - would not malfunction or shift its position, especially when car (or bicycle) is in motion.

5. State or condition is appropriate - no spill of oil/lubricant, stiffness, overheating, etc., etc.

6. Securely fixed in its correct position, that is, its 'knots and bolts' are all tightened, in their proper places.

7. Serves purpose(s).

See perfect GEAR (2).

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