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Gardening leave

Definition: (British English) A period during which somebody does not work but remains employed by a company in order to prevent them working for another company.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary in the company's opinion.

2. Work that person does will not suffer during period. That is, company's output is not affected by the leave.

3. Possibility of monitoring worker on leave exists, to ensure that purpose is being served. That is, leave achieves objective(s).

4. Person granted 'extended' leave does not forget or lose skill or ability during period (connect to #6).

5. Worker will use rest period productively. And not run foul of the law during period. (To emphasize.)

6. Lasts for desired duration, whether worker resumes afterwards or proceeds on retirement after the leave.

7. Nothing by way of a material benefit is received by concerned worker, from the other company, during the period.

8. Arrangement does not infringe on the right(s) of the worker.

See perfect ABILITY (1)/See perfect COMPETENCE (1).

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