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Fulmination (2)

Definition: (figurative) A thundered warning or condemnation.

* All ten elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and believed necessary for who screams. PLAIN.

2. Not undeserved, even if unexpected by the 'sufferer'. FULL.

3. Adopted as an alternative will be thought ineffective. LOUD.

4. Loudness will be beyond the normal or usual level. BELLOWED.

5. Whoever the 'noise' is directed at is fully attentive. OPEN.

6. Won't need to be accompanied with physical action. UNHINGED.

7. No damage to vocal cords or eardrums as a consequence. DIRECT.

8. Recipient of shattering vituperation cannot reply. THOROUGH.

9. Noise making achieves objective(s); serves purpose(s). CLEAR.

10. Scornful comment is audible to a neutral party. INFLAMMATORY.


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