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Definition: One who freaks out; a gathering of members of the drug culture; a loss of sense of reality.

The one.

a. Was not forced to sniff substances or take stimulant responsible for being in the state.

b. Has no care at the time about his or her image. In other words, shameless during display.

c. Seeks only to be left alone and/or in peace at the particular period of feeling high.

d. Believes that he or she is in seventh heaven - might extend an invitation tom others.

e. Will be an object of derision or pity; a laughing stock, secretly or openly, by the sane.

f. Will suffer some considerable loss as a direct consequence of their being freakishly abnormal.




Quote: Our actions are the results of our intentions and intelligence". - E. Stanley Jones.

See perfect GLUE-SNIFFING. / See perfect NO-GO AREA.

The gathering.

1. Outing is planned in advance, in respect of activities to do, rules, location, time, etc.

2. Will take place close to supply of 'raw material', where tempo of being high can be sustained.

3. Meets far away from law enforcement. Or will be ready to confront the law enforcers, if need be.

4. Never boring or sober, always, naturally rowdy and noisy while it lasts (connect to #2).

5. The people around, if any, won't be so close as to be disturbed or disadvantaged by the presence of junkies.

6. The period or duration that group meets for, will be the time that is thought spare or free (connect to #1).

7. The immediate environment or animal life won't be damaged or destroyed as a result of the group's actions.

8. The members will educate themselves, before start of doings, on the dangers of keeping up culture (to emphasize).




Quote: "Excuses change nothing, but make everyone feel better". - Mason Cooley.

See perfect BEDS OF A FEATHER. / See perfect LYNCH MOB.

The loss.

i. Considerable and undesirable.

ii. Irrecoverable; can't be recouped.

iii. Personality will be negatively altered.

iv. Productivity afterwards will be poor (see iii).

v. Substances processed for culture affects the climate.

vi. A sense of unreality develops therefrom and thereafter.



Damaging, destructive.

Quote: "If you kill time, you'll bury opportunities". - Sayings from Mauritania.


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