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Definition: Friendly behaviour, especially to somebody that you are not supposed to be friendly with.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary in your opinion.

2. The person you are not supposed to be friendly with is not a total stranger or someone being seen, met or known for the first time (to emphasize).

3. You are not doing thing in expectation of a specific gain, reward, compensation, benefit, etc.

4. Extent or nature of behaviour is acceptable to all right-thinking persons - not excessive or inappropriate.

5. 'The forbidden' responds positively to unsolicited behaviour.

6. You and your new 'friend' incur no loss and suffer no sanction for (mis)behaviour.

7. 'Emergency friendship' lasts for appropriate duration, especially in the consideration of your newly found friend.

8. Longer-lasting, genuine friendship will, somehow, strangely develop afterwards, from relationship not previously courted.

See perfect CONTEMPT (1).

See perfect BAD BEHAVIOUR.

See perfect FAMILIARITY (2).

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