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Foster child

Definition: A boy or girl in relation to his or her foster parents.

* All seven elements would be in.

* As might be viewed, by a child.

1. Purposeful and necessary to have a stand-in. And acting dad will not be related to the biological father.

2. Has a biological child or children of his own. Or plans to have own biological offspring, or seen as a father figure

3. Supports and encourages me, at all times, in the pursuit of my legitimate and ennobling goals and aspirations. That is, able to serve purpose(s).

4. Will have no 'designs' on poor me, whatever the prevailing emotional circumstances or his (or my) sexual orientation.

5. Stays around and is within reach; always there for me, till the period of fosterage is over and done with.

6. Living happily with my foster mother and kid(s), foster 'sibling(s)', if any, and other members of nuclear family.

7. Will leave positive legacies for me or make adequate provisions for me in his last will and testament.

* No longing for real dad.


** No missing paternal love.

See perfect BANK OF MUM AND DAD.

*** No shame or embarrassment.

See perfect FILIAL PIETY.

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