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Foreman (2)

Definition: A person who acts as the leader of a jury in court.

* All five elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to have person in position.

2. Qualified, that is, not selected for jury duty in error.

3. (Reserved.) (Elected by his fellow jurors.)

4. Given and knows his specific responsibilities.

5. Person serves purpose(s). That is, man performs jury duties as exactly expected.

a. Always present in court.

b. Does not exhibit absent-mindedness or forgetfulness while court sessions are on.

c. Does not try to influence the opinions of fellow jurors.

d. Does not abstain from voting.

e. Has no veto powers. (And his vote counts as one.)

f. Does not delegate main responsibility.

g. Reads or announces the general (consensus?) decision of group.

h. Does not make money from civic duty, especially if ... .

See perfect ILLITERACY (1). (IT'S THE LAW, STUPID !)

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