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Foreign body (1)

Definition: (formal) A foreign body is an object that has come into something else, usually by accident, and should not be in it.

* All five elements would be in.

1. Object would not have been seen approaching. Or its advance or development, and arrival or presence could not have been stopped.

2. There will be a desire to have object removed from where not wanted. Or a possibility to have thing 'disguised' will exist.

3. Unwanted item will not be easy to get off. Or 'nuisance' won't disappear on its own. That is, stay will be for long, if not removed.

4. Presence of the undesirable will not bring a serious loss to what it is on. Or its long stay will be easy to tolerate or cope with.

5. Can be left to remain for a considerable period. Or will not earn or cause a disadvantage, rebuke, redesign, fritz, etc.

See perfect MISKICK.

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