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Fly-by-night (1)

Definition: (American) Someone who flees his creditors.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Does not deliberately set out to be dodging.

2. Did not invest or use the amount borrowed wisely.

3. Doing what is possible to settle indebtedness.


Quote: "Respect yourself if you would have others respect you". - Baltasar Gracian.

See perfect CROSS (8).

4. Won't get a third party to connive in the avoidance efforts.

5. Has a belief or certain that debt won't be written off.

6. Making no attempt to deny the fact or circumstance prevailing.


Quote: "One of the principles of the great is to witness catastrophes from a terrace". - Jean Giraudoux.

See perfect BAD TURN.

7. Mustn't increase indebtedness through another loan during period.

8. Requires no physical effort, trotting, running, etc. while fleeing.

9. Silently hoping that a thing happens to cause creditor's 'death'.


Quote: "A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks thrown at him". - Anonymous.

See perfect WORRYING.

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