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Flourish (1)

Definition: An exaggerated movement that you make when you want somebody to notice you.

* All ten elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, in your opinion.

2. Movement is natural, not assisted by drugs, substances, etc.

3. You are not physically propelled or supported by another person.

4. Undertaken at the right time and lasts for appropriate duration.

5. Takes place at the proper location and in the correct environment, when visibility is clear and you can be noticed.

6. Not your routine or normal steps or 'stepping', especially if you are physically challenged. And 'special moves' can be recognized as an attention-seeking display. That is, how you move cannot be misinterpreted for something else.

7. No unplanned loss - slip, dislocation, embarrassment, etc. - arises from exaggerated movement.

8. You make no noise and no sound is heard while you are moving or as a result of shifting your body or parts of your body aimed at attracting desired attention.

9. No person, animal or object is disturbed as a direct fallout of the act or action (connect to #8).

10. Movement achieves objective(s). That is, you get noticed, as hoped for, and on time too.


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