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Floor show


i. A series of performances by singers, dancers, etc. at a restaurant or club.

ii. An entertainment, e.g. in a nightclub, presented informally to customers while they eat or drink.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary and rightly approved.

2. Its nature will be appropriate - not dampen moral or kill appetite.

3. Will commence and ends at a most suitable time.

4. Shouldn't require the involvement of someone eating or drinking.

5. Entertainers or performers will be properly dressed and with the highest level personal hygiene.

6. Duration will be adequate, only in the opinion of the club-goers.

7. No extra demand on finance of patrons will be made during show.

8. Performances will not bring an unplanned loss to club owners or those present during singing, dancing, etc.

9. Show-stopping business takes place on the floor (to emphasize).

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