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Flatness (11)

Definition: (of drink) The state of having a lack of bubbles in it; being not fresh.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Not desired knowingly by the seller or (consciously by) the drinker.

2. Not easily recognized by sight, particularly by the drinker.

3. Taste will not be usual or normal, even though drinker may not be in a position to know this. (Connect to #2 & #4.)

4. Drink will be quaffed, not sipped! (Connect to #7.)

5. The flat drink, will, on being swallowed, bring about very serious health challenges, that will result in an unplanned loss for drinker.

6. (Reserved.) (Cost of drink is never refunded, even if an apology is tendered afterwards, on noticing/acknowledging its poor quality.)

7. Drink is not passed its use-by date, whatever the brand, and whether chilled or at room temperature.


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