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First blood

Definition: Drawing first blood in a duel; hence a victory in the first encounter, seen to be an advantage.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for who is quicker on 'the draw'.

2. Occurs as the last resort - after peace moves have failed.

3. Not the very last drop of enemy's 'blood'. (To emphasize.)

4. A 'war' may still be possible to be avoided, discontinued.

5. Not secured with 'last blood', i.e. remaining some energy.

6. Quickness or doing achieves objective(s) (see definition).

7. Cannot be penalized. That is, tactics will be permissible.

8. Foe will not be handicapped or disadvantaged in situation.

9. The advantage secured will be followed through to the end.

* hoping to dance on the opponent's grave.

* who cares about rules and regulations!?

1. See perfect PRIZEFIGHTING.

6. See perfect SPONTANEITY.

7. See perfect WHITE TOWEL.

8. See perfect GIANT-KILLER.

2. See perfect PEACE PROCESS.

9. See perfect WIFE BATTERER.

3. See perfect SAVING GRACE.

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