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Firing line (2)

Definition: (idiomatic - be in the firing line) (British English) To be in a position where people can criticize or blame you.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Position is unintended, not wished or not planned for.

2. You have a legal and/or official responsibility or duty in the situation.

3. What you are being criticized for, or blame being received, is over a thing that you did - rightly or wrongly - or did not do, which you ought to have done. That is, there is a justification in the situation, for those taking 'potshots'.

4. You are expected by training, experience, qualification, etc. to act in such a way as not to be where you will be susceptible to the 'shots' or 'attacks'. And the wherewithal to do this is possessed by you.

5. 'Shots' cannot be 'dodged'. That is, you cannot refute, dispel or counter the allegation(s) that will be made.

6. 'Fire; does not result in a 'fatality'. That is, your job, work, position, office, privilege, etc. is not lost as a direct result of criticism or blame.

7. You learn a lesson from the bad position (connect to #6 & #8).

8. Situation achieves some goal(s), for those apportioning blame.

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