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Finish (1)

Definition: The last part or the end of something.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Part or end is specific and identifiable.

2. End or part is measurable and/or assessable.

3. Occurs or comes about at an 'auspicious' time, when expected and/or prepared for.

4. Speed or rate of decline, lessening, decrease, disappearance, ending, etc. is normal, and is also as desired and/or determined.

5. Condition or state of part or end is as planned or wished for - clinical or exuberant, strange or routine, complex or plain, dramatic or tight, etc., etc.

6. No possibility or likelihood of a rejuvenation, resuscitation, revitalization, etc. at the stage or point in time. That is, a final closure is attained after particular part or end. (Connect to #8.)

7. No unplanned loss occurs in or from the part or end. That is, will be with a flourish or great aplomb !

8. No desire or wish to revive or restart thing, if possible, whether a gain or benefit was obtained or not, while it existed or lasted.


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